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Sunny Market Trading Inc.
4301 W Vine St A-17
Kissimmee, FL 34746
Phone: (407)497-0998
Phone: (407)491-2165
E-mail: sales@orientalapparel.com

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Welcome to Oriental Apparel

Welcome to Oriental Apparel by Sunny Market Trading, Inc. where you will find all the latest fashion oriental clothing such as Chinese dresses, Japenese Kimonos, and Vietnamese clothing. For womens Chineses dresses, we have Chinese Qibao, robes, and skirts; for mens clothing, we have jackets, casual wearing, and Kongfu suits. We also carry kids clothing with a large selection of sizes. If you are a retail business and interested in our wholesale oriental apparel, pllease visit our Wholesale Chinese Clothing.

shop oriental apparel
shop oriental apparel

Our Chinese Dresses

oriental apparel

Our oriental apparel includes Chinese dresses for men, women, and children. For women clothing, we have women's dresses, robes, tops, and pants; for men clothing, we carry men's sets like Kongfu suits, jackets, and dragon robes. We also have Japanese Kimonos and Vietnamese style clothing for women.

oriental apparel

Chinese Kids Clothing

Chinese apparel

In our kids' section, we have Chinese style clothing for boys and girls. Click on the images or links to view all boys' and girls' clothing.

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